2009 Pierre-Marie Chermette Vissoux, Les Griottes, AOC Beaujolais, France

Hope and faith are central themes to my relationship with this wine.  I hoped it would be on par with my fetish wine, the 2009 Raisins Gaulois by Marcel Lapierre.  Purchasing the 2009 Chermette Beaujolais Les Griottes was a leap of faith as I bought on the recommendation of a sales clerk temporarily replacing my trusted Réal at the Atwater Market SAQ.  The sales clerk informed me she preferred it to Raisins Gaulois, at least the 2010 version I had in my shopping cart.

In the glass the wine looks quite dark for a Beaujolais, and the nose was very full.  Not at all like the 09 Raisins Gaulois that smelled like you were snorting grape juice.  This has some fig, grape, mint, thyme and beef blood in the bouquet.  Now I am feeling relief – I can like this wine and not have to compare it to the product of the late, great monsieur L.

Into the gulp, I was impressed with (but not seduced.)  The wine is maturing very nicely for a Bojo. The tart and tasty wash of fresh fig with some hint of tomato vines and savoury herbs is nicely structured and well controlled.  I think given the great year that ’09 was for Bojo – the wine maker took the opportunity to put his signature on some very cooperative grapes.  Chermette made a wonderful round and structured wine that showed beautiful gamay noir au jus blanc grapes at their prime and choreographed them perfectly.  My fetish winemaker let his grapes go a bit more free-style making a radical wine, but Les Griottes’ more submissive grapes make for excellent, perhaps charming, certainly well mannered dinner guest.

Musical Match: Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You.” True or not, most people would believe that Sting would be the best dinner guest to have over of the three members of The Police.  Polished, engaging and probably the best versed in table ettiquette he might be the obvious choice for most.  So enjoy this “Adult Contemporary” ’09 Piere-Marie Charette Les Griottes Beaujolais – but don’t expect any of pirate-ship glory that came with the Punk influenced power trio that Mr. Sting used to be in.

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