Famillia Zuccardi fuZion Chenin Blanc | Torrontes 2010, Mendoza, Argentina. 375ml.

Fuzion has become a very strong brand in Canada based on a Syrah/Malbec blend.  The 2010 Famillia Zuccardi Fuzion Chenin Blanc Torrontes blend has a number of positive things to offer.


The nose is quite busy, too busy for my liking, but I will not be too hard on it considering this is a value wine. Citrus, floral, latex, pistachio, almond elbow eachother fighting for space in your nostrils.


The gulp would stump pretty much anybody.  Chenin Blanc is used to neutralize the Torrontes which is reputed to be very strong on citrus and floral.  The end result works out to be a respectable smorgasbord managed better than the scent.  Floral and citrus survive, but they are reined in and an almondy flavour fills the gaps.


Musical Match: Unfamiliarity rules as Chenin Blanc and Torrontes get met mixed.  So here is something equally different, 1960′s African American folk icon Richie Havens sitar track Something Else Again remixed to a bit of a dance beat.  Nutty? yes.  A bit messy? yes.  Interesting? Yes.


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