Veedha Douro Red 2008, Douro Valley, Portugal

Fresh and Mature. Opposites? No.  The red 2008 Veedha from the Douro Valley is just that, a full bodied, aged wine that maintains clear-cut freshness.


What the nose shows: Dark chocolate balanced with floral notes on top of wood and berries.  It reminded me of a new taste discovery I recently had dark chocolate with liberal amounts of sea salt.  The wine wasn’t salty, but it was the contrasts that built strong character.


The gulp was very consistent with the nose, the dark chocolate came forward and so did the berries and some green vegetable notes joined the party as well.  Yet with all those full body descriptors, a lush relaxing freshness swirled around the mouth. Grab this wine and you will see what people are talking about when referring to lush tannins.


Musical Match: One of my favourite voices is that of Blue Rodeo singer Jim Cuddy. With a 25 years on the road, he is no rock and roll rookie.  His experience and wisdom comes through, but so does his youthful curiosity on his solo track “Everybody Watched the Wedding.” Enjoy.


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