Cabral Port, Tawny 20 Year Old, Douro Valley, Portugal. 375ml.

I am not a Port connoisseur.  I do enjoy it, but I partake in it so infrequently that I have never bothered learn more about – I just shut up and drink it.  The semi dry Cabral 20 year old Tawny is  a red wine Port, but the colour is a very light orange shade of “clear”  I tried this 20 year old as part of a mini flight of the 10, 20 and 40 year old Cabral Tawnys presented by Marc Beausejour from Les Vins du Réseau International Global.


All three of these Cabral Tawny Ports held a common characteristic of creamy coffee and nuts and subtle cherry.  The ageing process really worked the finesse into each one of these wines.  The 40 year old had all the flavour components lined up and delivered them on a silky conveyer belt.  The 10 year old showed the palate components in the least organized fashion and the delivery was smooth.  When I tasted it I thought the texture was silky, but as I moved up to the 20 and 40 year stuff, I had to scratch out my original notes and replace it with “satin.”


The 20 year old was the real sweet spot. With the flavours defined, the silky texture taking shape and a warmth that says expensive Tawny I think the 20 year old Cabral is real winner.


Musical Match: Pianist Cyrus Chestnut works a religious hymn like it was a jazz standard with Swing Low Sweet Chariot.  The respectful rendition of a time honoured classic reminds of the 20 year old Cabral Tawny Port.   Semi dry, comes to mind as his crisp piano work brings a new life to the piece.  Smooth touches make for great jazz… and Tawny.  Good Stuff.

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  • Lefebvreclo

    Indeed very good Ports!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your comment. Do you have any other suggestions for dessert wines?

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