Las Arcas de Tolombón Siete Vacas Malbec 2010, Valles Calchaquíes, Argentina

The 2010 Siete Vacas Malbec by Las Arcas de  Tolombón is a very clean, hip and fun wine.  I know I shouldn’t judge the label, but it has great label feature seven cows (siete vacas) and some UFOs.  The serious stuff is kept for the inside of the bottle…


On the nose a violet note is sandwiched between fruit that is delicate, not limp and smoke that is only there in polite amounts.


Into the mouth and you hget the impression this is a very well made wine.  Tasted in July of 2011, this March/April of 2010 harvested wine tastes young and fresh, but not weak. Raspberry notes stand out over the rest of the fruit basket.


Great job on delivering expected Malbec smell/taste components in a very fresh and clean far-from-Mendoza Malbec.


Musical Match: Keeping it fresh and clean, but exciting and real is a great way to describe this wine  and smart-pop band Foster the People  Their hit “Pumped Up Kicks” is a catchy, smart package of fun – that never insults the intelligence of listeners.  They really have created a new sound, and in pop music that is not an easy feat.  Hunt down a Siete Vacas Malbec and enjoy something equally fresh!



Special thanks to the Wines of Argentina for providing me transportation, great lodging, amazing food and access to the wonderful wine and winemakers of Mendoza and Cafayate during a promotional tour of Argentina for 10 days in July 2011. This wine was sampled during that promotional tour.

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