Tapiz Bonarda 2010, Mendoza, Argentina

Alright, here I am on my Bonarda soap box again….  The Tapiz Bonarda makes me think about raspberries.  Not because it smells or particularly tastes like raspberries, but because a good ripe raspberry isn’t necessarily sweet, it’s deep in flavour.


The nose on this wine does have fruit, mostly blueberry and but the most interesting part of the smell is that the wood smells like toasted bread more than wood.  It has some of that bready smell you get from a Chardonnay once in a while (think blanc de blanc sparkling Chards for example).


With the deep character of the raspberry and toasted bread, you get some great comfort toast and jelly feelings from this wine. In the gulp you get round fruit with a light sweetness and not too woody.  Good dryness.


Musical Match: Richie Havens singing Follow.  Mr. Havens’ Follow is a comfort song about love that doesn’t have to be sweet because it is just so beautiful.  His dry interpretation of this song shows great honesty.  Good Stuff.


Special thanks to the Wines of Argentina for providing me transportation, great lodging, amazing food and access to the wonderful wine and winemakers of Mendoza and Cafayate during a promotional tour of Argentina for 10 days in July 2011. This wine was sampled during that promotional tour.

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