Firriato Primula Nero d’Avola 2009, IGT Sicilia, Italy

Want a good deal? The Primula Nero d’Avola might be one of the best deals on an inexpensive wine I have tried in a while.  Costing $10.45 at Quebec’s SAQ, this is only 46 cents more than a bottle of Barefoot that sells for $9.99.  Not that Barefoot is necessarily a measuring stick for the wine industry, but it will let you gauge what this wine might cost where you live.


What gets me revved up about this wine is that unlike lots of cheap wines, it has character, it has typical Sicilian NdA markers, nice acid, no major flaws…. what more could you ask for?


Cassis/Plum blueberry start off the nose, and the fruits give way to some wood and some alcohol.  I am willing to say I wouldn’t want the boozy nose on a $20 NdA, but this is a bottle of ten buck chuck.


The same fruits show up in the gulp, so does the wood.  The alcohol takes a backseat some savoury herbs.  I can say this wine holds surprising complexity for the price.  Even more so, considering the low price you get a some good wine making, all these elements are within control.  Maybe too much alcohol on the nose, but I can live with that.  This is a great wine to start with for Nero d’Avola.  Some more expensive bottles are more intense in flavour, and can have some wood that rivals a Crianza from Rioja.


Musical Match: Alice In Chains, No Excuses.  A song that rocks, but doesn’t grate on you like some of their more amped up offerings do.  Alice In Chains spent most of their careers making grunge that bordered on Heavy Metal, the Jar of Flies album produced this semi acoustic tune that may be there biggest radio success.  By no means wimpy, it is just a bit more gathered together and more presentable.  I am sure some purists thought it was a bit too light, and maybe some NdA lovers may think the same thing about the Firriato Primula from Sicily.  Good Stuff.



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