Doña Paula Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Mendoza, Argentina

The 2010 Doña Paula Estate Cabernet Sauvignon shows a more feminine character than you would expect from a Mendocinian Cabernet Sauvignon. The scent accent is on the fruit (blackberry, etc.) with some pepper and a tiny herbal touch.


In the gulp the wine paints a wide open landscape.  Strong tanninc wines make you want to pucker your lips and squeeze all the air out your mouth, but the very soft tannins in this allow you to open up and say “ahhhh.” Again typical Cabernet Sauvignon fruit descriptors come into play, but they are mixed some nice black tea notes.  Sometimes you look for a Cabernet Sauvignon to keep up with big steak, but this Doña Paula Estate Cab would co-operate more than trade punches with a grilled sirloin.


Musical Match: In his hay days, Elton John had a thing for cowboy culture, although he was probably thinking about the US version of the cowboy, the geography of Mendoza would fit right into the images many of his classics painted.  He brought peaceful humility to stories of cowboys and their wide open  landscapes instead of glorifying the gun-slinging side of cowboy life. Mr. John’s Rocket Man takes a look at what one of those lonme ranger characters would be like up in a rocket.  The wine, with it’s open relaxed feel creates the perfect liquid canvas for this song.  Enjoy a glass of 2010 Doña Paula Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and listen to Sir Elton John infuse a little Honky Tonk into this black tea  Cabernet Sauvignon.



Special thanks to the Wines of Argentina for providing me transportation, great lodging, amazing food and access to the wonderful wine and winemakers of Mendoza and Cafayaté during a promotional tour of Argentina for 10 days in July 2011. This wine was sampled during that promotional tour.

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