King Estate Winery Acrobat Pinot Noir 2009, Oregon, United States

On many levels the the 2009 Acrobat by King Estate Winery Acrobat Pinot Noir is a great starting point in a debate on the merits of the 100 point system.  The linear attributes of the 100 point scale make rating wines that have unique, if not oddball, descriptors a real challenge.  Specifically my bottle of Acrobat Pinot Noir shows a tartness that doesn’t bother me, but since it is not a typical descriptor, well then it poses certain dilemmas to the 100 point proponents.


Almost Beaujolais light in colouring the nose suggests a robust wine. A dry woodsy cherry smell makes me think a guitar virtuoso warmed up his cherry wood guitar neck with ultra high speed scales.  (Perhaps the truth is stranger than friction….)


Into the gulp the 2009 Acrobat Pinot Noir does switch gear.  I am not proficient enough in Oregon Pinot Noirs to say if this a common characteristic of the area or quirk, but this particular bottle had distinct tartness to it.  If you are thinking of comparing this to well known old or new world Pinots, you may call this a flaw.  I call it character.


The result is like throwing some apple juice into a fruit salad made of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries – and then garnishing with a few cuttings of fresh mint.  I find the taste to have an original crispness to it and respect the winemaker for allowing these grapes to go their own way.  Wine making shouldn’t be about following instructions or trying taste like everything else.


Luckily for me I think the hundred point system is a joke, because how can you line up some wines from best to worst and include something that on it’s own merits consideration for entrance into the best group, knowing that wine has a pretty dominating characteristic that some may label a flaw?


While you think about that here is my Musical Match: The Police doing Murder by Numbers.  The song itself introduces the world to Sting’s appreciation for jazz, and the beats evolve from the rock/reggae to pop/jazz.  As they mock the complicated art of murder by saying it is easy as ABC, 1-2-3 I suggest that describing wine isn’t quite as easy as a simple number.  Sometimes you can’t express the complicated with a simple description.  Enjoy and Cheers.


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