Andeluna Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Tupungato, Argentina

Manuel Lamadrid from Andeluna

Wine guy and Karaoke king, Manuel Lamadrid proudly pours some of Andeluna's finest. Photo by Linda Susnik

Throughout my Argentine tour of July 2011 I asked many of my hosts what wine they really enjoy drinking after a long day at work with a favourite CD in the stereo.  Not once did I get a blank stare, as most people in the wine biz share that simple, solitary pleasure.  More often than not Cabernet Sauvignon was the answer.  Without directly revealing what wine my host at Andeluna, Manuel Lamadrid, answered… suffice to say, this one is him!

The 2010 Andeluna Cabernet Sauvignon is a complex, but not complicated wine.  It started with classsic Cherry/Berry and some tasteful wood on the nose.

The gulp is where this wine reveals itself.  Immediately you get some spicy action going on, some mineral, some herbal tones in mint and even some dark chocolate.  Very impressive for an entry range Cabernet Sauvignon.   And good on the winemakers for ensuring that these different elements were kept neat and tidy.  The wine tends to be slightly more tannic than some other Cabernet Sauvignons, and this structure forms a strong foundation to support all those other characteristics.

Musical Match: Red Hot Chili Peppers.  The song starts with typical RHCP guitar notes, but the song builds up into with complex layers that all work together with a great hook that pulls it all together.  Same thing with the layers of taste characteristics and the tannic structure.  Good Stuff.

Special thanks to the Wines of Argentina for providing me transportation, great lodging, amazing food and access to the wonderful wine and winemakers of Mendoza and Cafayate during a promotional tour of Argentina for 10 days in July 2011. This wine was sampled during that promotional tour.

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