Le Bonheur Prima Red 2007, Coastal Region, South Africa

Le bonheur means happiness.  The Le Bonheur 2007 Prima red blend embodies that happiness by not getting stressed out.  Winemakers and or weather and geographic conditions will occasionally conspire to deliberately or accidentally stress vines by depriving them of water and forcing them to develop in a certain manner that concentrates flavour.  (This is not a how made wine is mad blog, so know-it-all geeks excuse my simplification!)  This wine, however, is not stressed and the results are great.

The wine has a peaty, garrigue aroma wafting about the red fruit.  In the gulp you may think this wine is a Bordeaux product, with many typical Bordelaise components with herb notes and clay soil derived flavours.

The style is a very confident and relaxed.  I often get bored of New World wines that try to act like Ricardo Montalban back in the late seventies, too suave, too smooth and well suited of a leisure suit.  This wine is inspired by it’s freedom and celebrates the fruit.  I like it!

Musical Match: Confident, purposeful and determined to get down to what is real was Bruce Springsteen singing the The Rising with a very large choir at Barack Obama’s inauguration.  Inspiring. Emancipating. Great!

Here is Ricardo Montalban….


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