Morgenster Red 2001 2003 & 2005 Flight, Western Cape, South Africa

The Morgenster Red 2001 is an ageing rock band who refuses to grow up.  Still lots of banging, thumping soaring high notes.  Ten years after, from the grapevine, the cellar and into my tasting glass this bottle wafts notes of cassis and light leather.  The gulp features that cassis range of fruits with some black pepper and a GREAT mouthfeel. The flavours come together seemlessly, like a tight veteran band who have spent years getting their chops down on the road – to the point where you forget how old they are, but appreciate the benefit of their ageing process.

Musical Match: Rock band Sloan celebrate 20 years together and keep on finding new ways to recreate the seventies rock sound, and keep it sounding fresh.  Their latest studio album is a testament to their maturity, structure and eternal youth.  Enjoy with a glass of Morgenster!

From two years later, the Morgenster Red 2003 smells of elegant alcohol with some nutty effects in the background.  Bigger and maybe less complex than the 2001 the wine shakes and shimmies with a confident swagger and lets the volume of the luscious fruit step forward.

Musical Match: R&B singer Jully Black is that bigger, luscious hip swaying voice that is starting to show it’s maturity. Running is a great song that shows that you can be juicy, seductive and be still be taken seriously.

Jumping up to 2005 the Morgenster Red remains elegant on the nose with notes of peat and field berries being cooked.  As open a wine as the 2003 showed greater mix of flavours – pointing in the direction hazel nut, some herb mix along the lines of rosemary and thyme (no parsley though!).  It also had tannic personality much stronger than the previous two samples.

Musical Match: The youngest of this trifecta of wines gets the oldest artists.  Leon Russell and Elton John teamed up 2010.  I Should’ve Sent Roses, is a song that embodies tannins, in the bitter nature of the lyrics, and the brass section adds a largesse to the song that mirrors the ’05 Morgenster.


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