Casa de la Ermita, Trio of Reds, Jumilla, Spain

Hailing from a wine region of Spain that may or may not be familiar to casual wine drinkers called Jumilla comes the great winemaking house, Casa de la Ermita. Producing some organic and non organic wines from varieties you may or may not associate more with France than the Iberian kingdom.  I am always interested in displaced grapes, and for the second year in a row I have tasted their wine and really dug them all.  This year three of the Reds have made it to the bottleDJ blog along with a Casa de la Ermita white reviewed a little while back.

Casa de la Ermita Crianza 2007 (Monastrell, Petit Verdot)
Looking Dark, this well aged wine smelled of blackberry and wood like many Crianza wines will, and I found that it also a cured ham odour, perhaps a fortunate coincidence considering the amazing Iberian hams that country produces! The gulp shows that blackberry from the nose dominates the fruit, and I find wood aspect keeps everything dry.  I was also turned on by the pearly mouth feel.

Musical Match: The Pretenders Back on The Chain Gang. The driving beat and the dry jangle of the guitars with the simple drum rhythms mimic the strrong structure of the Monastrell and Chrissie Hynde’s vocals the elegant but smokey wood character of the wine.

Casa de la Ermita Organic Monastrell Crianza 2007
This pure Monastrell pours darker than the Monastrell/Petit Verdot blend and the smoke and the wood are also marginally more intense.  The fruit is also closer to jam, I like to call it compote.  And I picked up some banana in the background.  Going with the all Spanish grape showed some to the fiery Spanish personality.

Musical Match: Dire Straits Sultans of Swing.  Mark Knopfler plugs in and charges some Spanish guitar with some backbone and punch.

Casa de la Ermita Petit Verdot 2006

Now for wine made from Petit Verdot, not typical of Spain. Filling the glass with a look that was oxblood red, again the frangrance had noticable wood.  Good round vibrant fruit rolled around, but with subtle and sturdy green vegetable foundation.

Musical Match: Robbie Robertson’s He Don’t Live Here No More.  Something we all know and love, (Petit Verdot / Robbie Robertson) doing something new ( coming from Spain / like an album!)  The Petit Verdot has that greener foundation and I think the dark place where this song comes from shows that side of the wine, but the song writing mastery of Mr. Robertson keeps this hopping along over that dark foundation with lots of luscious, juicy bits.  Good Stuff.

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