Mas Fabregous Sentier Botanique Terrasses du Larzac, Coteaux du Languedoc AOC, France

This 2006 Mas Fabregous Terrasses du Larzac has no snob appeal, and frankly virtually zero distribution in North America.  But it is a wine that every wine lover should appreciate. I could see the Wine Spectator giving this wine an 86-88.  I wish I had the resources to give every wine writer out there a bottle of this wine and get them to review, those that miss it’s simple appeal would be dropped off the respect list. ;)

This wine from the Coteaux du Langudoc deserves note, not because it is special, but because it just is a perfect little wine that just goes under the radar.

First of all the nose appeal for me is just great.  For sure you get fruit, but my bottle also featured “garrigue” which is a French wine expression for smelling like the brush that grows around the plant – this garrigue delivery was all about beautiful, savoury herbal notes.  Sage. Bay Leaf. And even smelled like a lavender field grew off in the distance somewhere.

On first taste I decided to decant the wine, it needed some airing out to find it’s form.  The wine has been in the bottle for about 4 years now, and I would think another 4 years would make this wine quite the gem.  Well oxygenated this was a pleasure to drink.  Splashing cherry/ berry with a cranberry twist, rode a wave onto a dark chocolate beach with savoury spices.  This wine doesn’t try to be one of the big wines, it just does what it does particularly well.  Not a wine that will impress the Bordeaux futures crowd, but a wine that will gracefully complement good conversation, the right music and great company.

Musical Match: Bob Marley’s Waiting In Vain.  Not the most Reggae sounding of his songs.  Not the  most pop sounding song he ever made either.  Not even his most interesting arrangement ever.  But it is a simple pleasure to listen to, that hit’s anybody who has suffered in love right in the heart.  And just like the wine it is simple and humble and ready to serve, but strong enough to remain true to itself – that dignity is what makes the song and embodies the wine.  Good Stuff.

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