Valley of the Moon Zinfandel, Sonoma, California

The bottle containing the 2007 Valley of the Moon Zinfandel looks a cross between a painted on porto bottle and an Appalachian moon shine.  No worries, this is not a fortified wine or a product of a home ‘still. This Sonoma Hillbilly wine is not, however, a stereotypical punch in the jaw Cali zin.  On the nose it does have fruit notes that you would expect, but they are tempered green veg and leaf fragrances.  The taste experience delivers all the jammed berries you expect with a nice sweetness and a sumptuous mouthfeel that complements with the vanilla accents and make you think creme brulée.   What is interesting about this texture is that the wine does not need deliver an incendiary fruit assault to achieve a big, vibrant finish. And props for being reasonably reasonable on the wood.

This is avery enjoyable wine without being an easy sipper. It’s got a fun loving streak and a great groove.

Musical Match: Brian Setzer makes Rock This Town sound big bright and vibrant, with just a stripped down trio.  Eschewing his usual “Little Big Band,” Mr. Setzer makes his trio sound a lot bigger than they are by playing with texture, and this wine does the exact same thing.  And both are signatures of America – Rockabilly and Californa wine. Cheers!

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