Hobnob Pinot Noir, France

So is Hobnob the McDonald’s of Wine? You know, it’s stuff that tastes a little bit like it should and marketed to death?  Truth be known, I hate McDonald’s intensely, but I am happy to say this conglomerate made Pinot Noir was pretty decent.  Actually, if you are a cult Pinot Noir aficionado you may not be a big fan of this wine – it doesn’t have clearly definable fruit, it’s more like a mixed berry jam.  It’s probably too juicy for the cult types as well and the mouth feel is more glossy than culters would like to see.  As a stand-alone beverage, I can see myself drinking this at the end of an evening after the kids are asleep and maybe if I am lucky I can put a record on the turntable much like I would with a pleasant glass of Beajolais. Which is not a shocker since Hobnob is brand run by the famous Bojo house Georges deBoeuf

It would be a waste of digital ink to spend time getting into the detail of this rather uncomplex and easy drinking Pinot.  Keep in mind three things: almost jammy, not much wood and glossy texture.

Music Match: Sade’s Babyfather.  Alright, musically she may not be quite as interesting as her first couple of albums, but she is still doing her thing after all these years.  Maybe this time with a more corporate sound; selling equity built into the Sade brand.  The folks at Georges deBoeuf are doing the same thing, putting their corporate image on Pinot Noir “brand.” Purists and cult fans will stay away from this wine, but the masses will snap it up.  By the way, how does Sade stay so damned hot?  Her form fitting attire on stage at Live Aid back in 1984 had a profound accelerating effect on my puberty and now that I am old and grey-haired she still looks the same.  Good on her. Cheers.

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