Constantia Glen Red, Coastal Region, South Africa

Note: This is the third and final wine and music matching for the product of this winemaker.  I really enjoyed this trio of wines and encourage you to seek them out – they are not easy to find but well worth the effort.  I don’t usually focus in on one winemaker like this – and as always I have not received any special consideration beyond samples of these wines.
This wine poured dark with oxblood highlights.  The 2007 Constantia Glen smells of intense raspberry and blackberry, with a whiff of alcohol.  The intensity of the berry fragrance lead my imagination to wander into the vineyard and walk amongst the distressed fruits working overtime to ripen.  Still very young this wine may still need to mature fully, but already it is showing glorious fruit packed with flavour, but not tasting like industrial jam.  What also shows through is the balance shown by the winemaker: it does have the soaring highs from the fruit, but the earth shows through and slowly melts into your mouth while the luscious fruit bursts.

Good wine making.  I am usually a big fan of natural wines where you just let the grapes make the wine they are destined to make.  I suspect this wine was worked over and massaged into the final product with considerable human intervention.  This is proof positive that wine can be made great via many different methods.

Musical Match:  My tasting notes for all three of the Constantia Glen products showed musical matches with considerable bass.  All the wines were very well rooted and not dominated by just the fruit flavours.  For this wine I am sticking with the strong bass line to show groove the wine creates, but a clean, simple bass that allows the rest of the music to sing.

Going back to the late fifties Paul Chambers was more than a bassist for hire in the Blue Note stable.  He contributed his signature brand of bass playing to many legendary recordings and pushed the art form further on his own Blue Note releases.  Talented, deep and playful.  Cheers and enjoy.

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