Goats Do Roam, Western Cape Wine of Origin, South Africa

This red wine has a pun name that goads folks like me into mentioning it sounds an awful bit like Côtes du Rhône. The 2009 Goats do Roam has a strong nose, with smoked wood, plum and even a tiny bit eucalyptus floating in the background.  That nose influences the way you taste the wine as it rolls in quite dry, probably from the wood cues and gets juicy and finally has a pleasant finish that is not necessarily sweet, but sweeter than some of the green pepper bitter farewells you get from a number of other wines in this lower price range.  The dominant flavours are ripened, jammed fruits and some wood.  This is a really good bang for the buck wine, with lots of flavour and nothing offensive.  Where it falls short of wines twice it’s price is the fact those components don’t necessarily all sing in harmony and end up being a little bit all over the place.

Musical Match: Jessie J.’s All About the Money.  This wine is a is about good value, and the song’s title is pretty self explanatory.  The song itself is pretty typical pop, and throws in a bunch of components that will make everybody happy, an attractive gal singing, some rap, some pop hook crescendo and some R&B instrumentals.  The song is constructed to much like the wine, a little bit for everybody, and nothing to turn anybody off.


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