Pascual Toso Malbec Rosé, Mendoza, Argentina

Three rituals of spring time: bird migration, figuring out what the hit song of the summer will be, and finally: deciding what wine you can bring to any bar-b-que over the warm months and get universal approval for the great wine and originality.  The 2009 Malbec Rosé by Pascual Toso makes a strong argument for being that wine.

First of all, you will turn some heads when you tell people they are drinking a Malbec Rosé.  Malbecs are known world round as the black grape, and are usually paired with grilled, marbled beef.  So you know that folks who are usually too macho to drink pink, will give this rosé a shot because of the accrued value placed in the Malbec moniker.  And for those who have already been conquered by the appeal of rosé, this is an opportunity to appreciate a new direction for the “other” wine colour.

The wine itself is not true pink, it shows flashes of copper.  Plum/apricot work the nasal passage aggressively.  Into the mouth the wine tastes much like a Malbec usually should, but the mouth-feel and texture – mainly because it the lack of tannins.  (Without getting technical, the tannin creating grape skins were yanked out early in fermentation process early on leaving the wine a light red)  So what you get is strong strawberry, raspberry, cherry that will be strong enough work stand up to all those zesty, spicy, buttery, char-grilled sauces and dips that you will be serving with in the back yard and beach during the summer months.  Also the muscular nature of the Malbec grape will not wilt away under the weight of chilled temperatures that rosés are served.  I love Malbec and my wife loves rosé, I think we are set for the summer.

Musical Match: Strong. Feminine. Fun. Sexy.  Malbec Rosé. Beyonce. Run the World (Girls).  A new song by Beyonce always does well, as do Argentine Malbecs.  The chanteuse mixes it up here getting away from the clean pop diva mold and gets into a little dirty dancing Jamaican dance hall inspired hit that will certainly inspire hundreds of dancing baby youtube videos.  The folks at Pascual Toso have diversified their big product here as well, and have come up with a Malbec Rosé that could be a real hit.

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