Treana White Central Coast, United States

I am very encouraged anytime I see a made-in-the-USA Pacific coast wine that doesn’t put the varietal first.  The 2008 Treana White is a blend of two Rhône derived grapes done the Central Coast way.

Visually it has some copper tones and it smells similar to my memory of Vinsanto, a sweet dessert wine from Santorini, Greece – but don’t worry it isn’t a sweetheart.  The tart fruit tastes of baked pears and melons, with minerality to spare.  Folks who crave big acidity probably won’t get their fill, but it is never the less there.  Call me crazy but I even tasted a bit of whisky hiding in the back of the bus.

Good complexity, it has what I call an angular character, it’s sensory components don’t roll out smoothly, but the different directions it takes you in all work together.

Musical Match: The wine has enough sugar and spice to to be considered quite pretty, but with the angular nature it got me in the mood for modern classical music in the style of Philip Glass. Listen to this solo piano performance of his “Metamorphisis.”

Footnote, listening to this piece it makes me think that 80′s pop music footnote (within a footnote, in this case) was inspired with by some of the progressions in “Metamorphisis” with his ditty “Moonlight Desires”

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