Trapiche Broquel Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina

I admit I am a Bonarda evangelical. The 2007 Trapiche Broquel version is a rugged yet handsome character, with a little grey in the hair. Cultivated from vines 20+ years old, this bottle has great fruit concentration. Tobacco, leather and cherry all grab you by the nose hair and make you take notice. The wine rolls into your mouth with representation from all over the produce aisle. Berry fruit that is sharp with a component of pomegranate, cranberry cocktail juice, and some green vegetable. The tastes lasts a while, but does not outlast its welcome. Some other Bonardas I have sampled have had a green vegetable finish that doesn’t quite seem to know that the party is over and its time to head home. This is also a perfect example of why I like Bonarda wines in general, it carries noticeable smoke and oak graciously. If you read a few of my reviews, you will find that I am not a proponent of profusely planked plonk. I think that Bonarda might be the right candidate for a little smoke-n-oak cohabitation. It worked wonders with tonight’s roast beef and mashed potatoes.


Musical Match: Rough and tumble guitarist Keith Richard stepped out from the relative safety of the Rolling Stones and formed a side band appropriately enough for this blog called the X-pensive Winos. Take It So Hard became the most successful song from their two studio album catalogue. Like Bonarda stepped out of being an uncredited Malbec booster, this Richards project brought his complex character and charming bad boy ways away from the dominating Mick Jagger and showed its value on its own merits. Good Stuff.

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