Perrin Nature Côtes du Rhône AOC, France

This 2009 vintage organic Côtes du Rhône labelled Nature by Perrin is rollicking Grenach and Syrah partnership. Tinted purple and indigo the subtle French oak gently wafts up with the smell of fruit and even some cocoa.

I am starting to lean more towards organic wines, and this is yet another bit of evidence that organic does not mean expensive or timid. A couple of years ago organic wine was a buyer beware proposition, but it seems like the weaker producers have been weeded out of the garden so to speak. This lush flavour concoction is a wide open berry-fest with a ripe strawberry component that works beautifully with the aforementioned cocoa scent. All the fruit is ripe and the texture is wonderfully glossy.

Musical Match: This wine is signature French in it’s treating of Grenache and Syrah, and with it’s rollicking, racy characteristics nothing could be more appropriate than a good ol’ Can Can. Check out this Can Can from the first half of a ballet adaptation of Moulin Rouge by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. The dancing is great and so is the stage setting, and like wine it really works because it accentuates the essential and keeps focus on the beautiful parts. This wine really is a ball!

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