Boekenhoutskloof The Wolftrap Syrah Mourvèdre Viognier, Western Cape, South Africa

The 2009 triple blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre and a drop of the white grape Viognier is a whirling,  young Tasmanian Devil of a wine. Just like the popular cartoon character Tasmanian Devil is simply referred to as Taz, I am happy that I can cut Boekenhoutskloof down to the “Wolftrap” for us English speakers.

Still very young, this 2009 vintage flavour bomb wine is juicy and earthy. The smell is complex with floral notes, bacon, leather and something familiar to health-nuts: flax seed oil. (That last smell was there and it drove me crazy until I identified it.)

The taste is intense as well. On the fruit side you have cherry and blackberry; spices were lead by rosemary and finished by some muted black pepper.

This wine really juked and jived, with the juicy side making it fun to swish, swirl and gulp – but all those other elements really make you think about what’s going down. I think the Tasmanian Devil comparison really works here, as  you want to spin this wine around at high speed in your mouth just like the cartoon character scampered across cartoon backgrounds.

Musical Match: The wine had a tendency to run off in all directions, but with good wine-making skills all those components stayed in tune. Ornette Coleman often brought his music to the point of being scattered, but with strong musical skills  he and his quartet kept it all together. Dig Blues Connotation. Great Blends. Great Wine. Great Jazz.

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