Kenwood Yulupa Cabernet Sauvignon, California

The 2007 Kenwood Yulupa Cabernet Sauvignon is very drinkable Cab.  I tried decanting half of the bottle and working it quite aggressively in the carafe for about ten minutes just to do side by side tasting with the wine right out of the bottle.  I pretty much wasted ten minutes as the wine was quite ambivalent to my shaking and waking.  The wine was, however, quite fine despite it’s boycotting of my decanter games.

Predictably the wine was dark (what Cali Red isn’t?? google seach wine colour and enzymes for more 411).  The scent and the taste did walk hand in hand.  Plum, not-perfectly-ripe berry, savoury bouqet garni spice, and a whiff that can only be described as Californian.  I found that the only slight difference in the glass straight from the bottle and the other coming from the carafe, was that the decanted wine had a wee bit less black pepper in the bouquet garni.  Also the tannins were quite soft to begin with, so the finish was only slightly effected by the absence of the pepper warmth.  What wasn’t there was the impression that you were having this wine served on an oak popsicle stick, and for that I am infinitely grateful.

Although this wine is not from Kenwood Vineyards flagship range, they have bottled a wine that is interesting, affordable and tastes like California.  And you can’t say that for every California Cab in that price range.

Musical Match:  Jazz done in the key of Cali.  The Greyboy Allstars bringing it with the amazing and unmistakeably California jazz Soul Dream.  The Greyboy Allstars are a California outfit that married jazz and funk with the DJ culture of the nineties.  Great and influential stuff and matches the way the wine doesn’t sell you with highlights, it gets started with finding a cool groove reeling you in.

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