Langa Garnacha Centenaria 2006, DO Calatayud, Spain

Garnacha is the Spanish word for the well known light coloured Grenache. But this bottle was definitely not a typical French Grenache – the Langa Garnacha is a dark, dark wine. I will claim ignorance of Calatayud traditions but I was shocked by that darkness as it poured into my bottle. Maybe all DO Calatayud’s are that dark, I’ll have to open a few other samples from the region to answer that question.

The wine had some wood on the nose and an interesting mix of savoury spices and alcohol. Moving to the gulp, it had a very new world dryness, berry fruit that lead to juicy finish. I was expecting old world, but that is not what I got. I couldn’t help liking it, despite the fear that I was really drinking a wine that overdosed on enzymes to get the dark colour that new world wines are addicted to.

Look to this wine when you need a muscular red to appeal to a group of drinkers split between new world and old skool winos.

Musical Match: Singer Michael Franti straddles old world and new world rhythms with juicy tune called Say Hey (I Love You).

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