Cesari Merlot Venezie IGT 2009, Italy

This is pretty much the least expensive wine I have purchased in a while. Costing a mere $7.45 in Ontario, you need to have limited expectations right? Inspired by the Super Tuscans, this traditionally French grape is grown in Italy and I will say it does taste Italian. The colour range is typical of Merlot, dark but not inky. Chocolate, earth, wood work the nose which is quite appealing. The fragrance reminds me of some wines from the North West of Italy. The taste is a little bit scattered, some fruit that seems a little unripe, including kiwifruit, which is not typical from a Merlot. The ending gets a little bitter as well. I tasted the wine right after opening the screw cap, and also a couple of hours later. The tannins that were there on the original trial seemed to disappear for the second attempt.

I bought the bottle on a whim, and drank it with some last minute pasta with mushroom and tomato sauce that was thrown together when better dinner plans got cancelled at the last minute. The sauce didn’t require a big juicy red and it covered up some of the wines shortcomings and proved itself an appropriate food matching for the wine. Mostly because of the interesting fragrance the wine earned its keep at $7.45.

Musical Match: Nickelback How You Remind Me. This what a $7.45 wine reminds me of… music that sounds like everything else on the FM radio. It might smell nice at first, but you quickly clue into how shallow and and boring it really is. With the inexpenive wine that does earn its keep, you wish you had bought something a little bit better, whenever this comes on the radio, oh how I wish had my iPod!

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