Deinhard Hanns Christof Liebfraumilch 2009, Rheinhessen, Germany

The 2009 Deinhard Hanns Christof Liebfraumilch is a white wine with signature German sweetness and a parallel chalky/mineral personality. The wine drinks as if it were coming from two different glasses as you taste both those personalities at the same time, but like water and oil they do not mix on their own. It would be generous to label this as complexity, the sweet part was without anything I would describe as interesting like caramel or nutty finish, and the chalkiness reminded me of the chalky texture suspended in pepto bismol.

I am one of those people who don’t necessarily consider German wines when I am thinking about old world. In terms of history, they are essentially right up there with France and Italy, but I have never had access to anything but the unfortunately-too-sweet whites that find themselves on the narrow, lonely Germany shelves of most wine shops.

I am absolutely convinced that there are hundreds of interesting and mold-shattering German wines out there, but until they get them on the shelves of the wine stores where everyday people buy wine, this is going to be the German wine experience, like it or not.

Musical Match: Looks pretty, sweet but ultimately bland earthy (chalky) tones sums up County and Western star Carrie Underwood and this wine. Do people really listen to this crap?

Part 1/3 in the 2010 BotttleDJ Fall Classic Focus on Germany and Austria.

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