Movia Vila Marija Merlot 2007, Brda, Slovenia

It is safe to say my first foray into Slovenian wine has been a huge hit. Vila Marija Merlot 2007, produced by Movia is a thrilling bottle of wine from sniff, through slurp and into the gulp. The fragrance is a strong, attractive, bouquet of concentrated dried fruits, wild berries and restrained oak that smelled of peaty scotch barrel. My Google Slovenian to English translator tells me that this wine is barrelled with the sediment undisturbed leading to a marmalade characteristic. Taste wise, it hit all the high notes with ripe fruit, some earthiness, reasonable oak, and modicum of minerality that behaves rather braggadocios. This wine is not in wide distribution, so bug your wine merchant for a case – it sells for 23$ a bottle in mega-taxed Quebec so if your local government doesn’t gouge you, you should be able to get it for as little as 15$ a bottle in most parts of North America.

Yes it is ruby and silky, but the magic of this wine is how all the parts work together, the nose opened senses, the fruit danced and the wine warmed the throat. Again Google translator tells me that the wine is a single varietal Merlot, but it tastes (wonderfully) like a blend so I will chalk that one up to great wine making as opposed to website typo – it doesn’t really matter because it is a great wine, and organic too!

I read a great review of a previous vintage on the Water Into Wino blog, so check out
Music Mix: I have to go with something somewhat obscure, brash and fun. So I am going with a 70′s and 80′s hard rock band from England called Slade. Never topping the charts outside the comforts of home they wrote the classic “Cum On Feel The Noize” that Quiet Riot covered and turned into a massive hit. They had an Eighties hit that was sinfully fun called “Run Runaway”, with a fiddle line that mixed up the guitar oriented rock the way the peaty fragrance influence the taste of the wine. Let’s hope that this “little wine” influences the big wine makers, and maybe the Slade top-hat will be picked up by “Slash” from a Guns and Roses sized wine maker and more Merlots will taste like this.

And proof that good material makes for good cover versions, a celtic verison by Great Big Sea.

Part 3/3 in the 2010 BottleDJ Fall Classic Focus on Eastern Europe.

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