Grotta Del Sole Penisola Sorrentina DOC Gragnano 2009, Campania, Italy

Having visited the Amalfi coast in Campania, I sampled a few made-in-the-restaurant wines called Sfuso. Sfuso wines go pretty much straight from vine to bottle and served in the weeks following harvest. The 2009 Grotta Del Sole Penisola Sorrentina Gragnano is a commercially available cousin of Sfuso. A blend of local grapes Piedirosso, Sciascinoso, Aglianico and Olivella Nera this wine is bottled weeks after harvest and on the market for December first, and keep in mind harvest can come late in the warm weather climate of climate of Campania. This might be considered by some as the Beaujolais Nouveau of Italy, but do not try to compare the final products. The colouring is as dark as rosé wine, but with a purple-ish shade. The wine pours into your glass with some foam that makes you think that the fermentation might still be happening. So what does it taste like? If I told you that the tasted of fermenting grapes would be pleasant, you would think I am dishonest – but for once that just what this wine does taste like – fermenting grapes. It’s got acid all over the place, it is very wet and juicy. I don’t think that you should run out and buy nothing but Gragnano, but I would definitely recommend the experience if you are planning an eating session of meaty antipasto.

Musical Match: Young, effervescent but not quirky is Welsh singer Duffy. Same as the wine – obviously young, not often accused of being complex – but quality nevertheless. Well, Well, Well…

Bonus Wine And Music Matching:

Grotta Del Sole Fiano Di Avellino DOCG 2009, Campania, Italy

This Fiano by Grotta Del Sole (as opposed to the A Casa offering, see previous blog) comes across sweeter and higer on the viscous end of the Fiano Di Avellino scale. Musical Match (no not Welsh!) Dusty Springfield’s I only Want To Be With you. Thoroughly enjoyable as enjoyable, and not bit the least offensive.

Part 2/5 in the BottleDJ 2010 Fall Classic Focus On Southern Italy.

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