Domaine Jean Bousquet Malbec Dulce Naturel 2008, Tupungato, Argentina

You know you work in an industry that allows you to drink on the job when you end up making a fortified wine a la Porto with Malbec. Well that’s just what the folks at Argentina’s Domaine Jean Bousquet did. Their 2008 Dulce Natural is a fortified wine, swimming with residual sugars that coat the tongue gracefully. The palate reveals similar tastes as a Porto crossed with Banyuls. The barrels are lightly toasted so the focus is on a sweet caramel syrup blended with beautiful fruit. The caramel effect was well served by the low smokiness, and the effect ended up tasting like a marshmallow roasted to a perfectly conservative golden brown. A sophisticated product.

To add some extra appeal to the wine, they used grapes that were organically grown. Which always leads to the question of “Do organically grown wines taste better?” In this case, I’ll have to wait until I taste another Malbec Dessert wine to give you a complete compare and contrast!

Musical Match: The definite sophisticated, warm, foreign-but-familiar track called “The Sea” by Morcheeba. Both the wine and the song have a funky sophisticated confidence, elegance and sex appeal to leave you wanting more, but not ever gulping it down.

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

Part 3/5 in the 2010 BottleDJ Fall Classic Focus on Argentina.

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