Felton Road Pinot Noir 2008, Central Otago, New Zealand

The 2008 Felton Road Pinot Noir is a wine priced at the premium level.  If you are valuing a wine on a positive characteristics/per dollar scale, your ego can convince your id that you are getting return for your investment. On the nose I got green beans with butter sautéed in a seasoned cast iron pan. The jam flavours a cornucopia of red berries gently cascading to a mineral pool. Along with the juicy drink, solid tannins parenthesized the ensemble. Geography, climate and wine making have collaborated in allowing these mature grapes to be harvested late in season creating a pleasant acidity.

Whether or not you get your local wine shop to order you a bottle of this wine really depends on you budget and tastes. Another factor you might want to consider is where you stand on blends versus single varietals. The way the wine makers at Felton Road clearly have a handle on Pinot Noir, wouldn’t be nice to see them work in some other varietals into a blend? I know my money would be more curious about a premium wine that defines the Central Otaga region of New Zealand, than a premium wine that expresses a Central Otaga-nized take on Pinot Noir. But don’t let that take away from an excellent wine, this is just the bottldDJ standing on a soap box and addressing the crowd looking for babies to kiss and ribbons to cut!

Muscial match: Rolling Stones Beast of Burden. With Keith already looking like a wrinked late harvest grape, while sucking in the seventies, he and his glimmer twin Mick crushed their creative juices into this icon song that will keeps on ageing beautifully. Beautiful, humble, warm and memorable… good wine/good song. Put a bottle of this wine in your cellar and wait a couple of years, and the 2008 Felton Road Pinot Noir will still be a hitmaker.

Part 4/5 in the BottleDJ Fall Classic Focus on New Zealand.

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