Stratus Red Wine 2007, Niagara, Canada

Not often do you hear a Canadian wine being described as “Jammy,” the 2007 Stratus Red from Stratus Vineyards in Niagara, Ontario comes close. Cassis, cherries and blackberries are ripe and clean. I expect the subtle savoury spices in the wine to only get stronger as the wine ages. A blend of red grapes culled from the best-in-vineyard vines have produced a very strong wine that can wave the flag of Canadian wine-making identity.

Musical match: Neil Young’s “I’m the Ocean,” from his awesome Mirrorball album backed by none other than Pearl Jam. Neil Young’s song had his band playing a much simpler arrangement than Pearl Jam would have made for themselves, still in the key of grunge though! This song is much more of a “Jam” song than the Seattle quintet are used to playing, but the looser arrangement really comes together. The subject of the song questions how some of our frivolous preoccupations have taken disproportionate importance in our lives. You can easily equate that to the wine worlds incredible obsession with varietal. This wine tosses varietal worries overboard and sails on without that varietal albatross flying overhead. Stratus Red’s 2007 offering harnessed the crashing waves of great grapes and arranged them into a rockin’ wine. Drink Up!

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

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