EJ Gallo White Zinfandel, California, USA

White Zinfandel, is not a rosé in the traditional sense. The skin that is removed in the crushing process of the red zinfandel grape is allowed to momentarily stain the clear clear grape juice, causing the pink colouring. The wine itself is often laughed off by wine lovers, because it is sweet and syrupy and (much to my chagrin) low in alcohol. The EJ Gallo offering tastes like an strawberry Italian soda, minus the sparkling effervescence. Now I like Italian sodas occasionally and have been known to go for strawberry (often mixed with mint) so I can’t deny the enjoyment factor with a yearly glass of white zin. Just because you have graduated to Haagen Dazs ice cream, you shouldn’t deny yourself the life affirming pilgrimage to Dairy Queen on a hot and muggy day.

I highly recommend you keep a few bottles of this around for days when you want make sure that folks who aren’t habitual wine drinkers will have something to fill their glasses with instead of that fancy bottle of Médoc you opened to enjoy with your meal. In fact, the next time you get invited to a dinner party, and you know that there will be an insufferable wine snob on-hand – I have a plan for you. Once he stops yammering on about his amazing bottle of wine (it has to be exquisite since it scored a 96 from Parker) or how he never drinks chardonnay, take out a 1.5 litre bottled of chilled white zinfandel and let the feeding frenzy begin. You will be the wine hero, enjoy half the bottle of the good stuff, and belittle the wine snob in one fluid motion. And by all means, find a designated driver – maybe the wine snob’s date!

And to really get the office co-worker dinner party going, you might want to try to get some Karaoke going. The more people sing Karaoke, the more likely they are to stick with the white zinfandel. I suspect that Jewel fans make up a large cross section of white zin drinkers, so voila!

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

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