Château Coupe Roses Red Minervois 2008, Languedoc, France

Château Coupe Roses 2008 Les Plots might not be the easiest Minervois AOC red wine to find, but it is well worth the effort. It oozes succulent fruit, blackberries, blackcurants, wildflowers and cherry. It smells like you just crushed the grapes with your bare hands. The beauty of this wine is how a perfectly balanced earthy flavour wraps its long arms around the bouquet and hugs as opposed to crushes it as most wines that try to fake terroir often will. This is an outstanding wine that can be purchased for under 20$. Carignan, Grenache and Syrah work together very well, and in the context of this wine they provide for a wine with modern appeal, made with very traditional components. I particularly think the winemakers hit a home-run with label design. They use a modern font with an antique styled print of a rose bush. I think the label does an excellent job of telling the drinker what to expect, and they don’t have to resort to a cuddly animal to convince you that the bottle you are about to drink has character.

My musical mix for the Château Coupe Roses is Kula Shaker’s new single Peter Pan R.I.P. Kula Shaker came out with a futuristic sound back in the 1990′s and are making a comeback with a decidedly folksier choice of instruments, but an equally progressive sound. Employing instruments and arrangements from our collective history gives the listener an opportunity to feel comfortable with the renewed sound – and applied to songs that make sense for 2010, the instruments and arrangements never feel anachronistic. Oddly enough, even the aesthetics of Kula Shakers album Pilgrims Progress work together with those of the Château Coupe Roses.

Now this wine might be difficult to find, but find a knowledgeable salesperson and ask for an earthy Minervois if the Château Coupe Roses isn’t available, or ask them to order you a case if you are so inclined.

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

The Album Cover:



The Bottle Label:



Bonus Track: Our Lady Peace… similar Lyrical subject, very different sound. Superman is Dead.  By the way, this not a good match for this particular wine!


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