Rosemount Estate Shiraz 2008, Australia

Remember Pete Sampras? Statiscally the best male tennis player of his time, powerful with a light touch, agile, efficient, proficient and consistently consistent? And yet, he never became a darling of the fans – not that he was snarly and snarky, he was just a tad bit boring. Rosemount Estate produces the Pete Sampras of Shiraz. A grand slam champion on multiple continents, this Australian manages to produce a great wine, without fanfare – and frankly it needs a little rounding out, much like Pete just needed to get a little personality.

A little bit boozy on the nose it washes into the mouth with tart fruit, some apricot hiding in the berry bushes. The strong oak works well with the fruit and frames the fruit in a muscle shirt. The boozy nose, fortunately, does not show up in the tasting.

Musically Diana Krall comes to mind with the Rosemont Estate Shiraz, she is a solid piano player, respected musical arranger and has sold millions of compact discs and concert tickets without showing much vocal range, or willingness to perform without relying on her breathy voice. Because she does have that Husky voice which tends to stay low she comes across as powerful. Her musical arrangements, in my opinion, are her strongest assets ensure that what she lacks in vocal range is always covered up by more colourful instrumentals.

Listen to Ms. Krall et al play Pick Yourself Up – a song begging for a dramatic crescendo, or at least some trimphant pizzazz, but what you get is her british headmaster vocal rendition. I love the musical arrangement, Drum, Piano, Bass and Guitar. The Guitar line is really strong, an improvised Jim Hall meets Wes Montgomery riff that adds colour and some character to the piece – and almost highlights what is missing from the vocals. The same thing is going on with the wine, it has all the pieces in place but it falls just short of perfection.

That having been said, Rosemount is seen by many as a benchmark affordable Aussie Shiraz and Elvis Costello, who knows a thing or two more about music than this blogger, was so enchanted with the British Columbia born songstress that he married her. You be the judge! Click on the link and let me know what you think.

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

Image of Diana Krall From Her Official Website

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