Domaine Rochevine Saint Joseph 1998, Rhône, France

We are living in a wine world where the beauty of Syrah and Shiraz wines are developed in the wine making, and embellishment of the wine is usually the key to winning the pageant. I recently blogged about why I pulled out a ’98 Domaine Rochevine St. Joseph, which is made from Syrah grapes.

Well the verdict is in, and inner beauty – wonderfully developed grapes – is where real beauty exists. Lush jams (like the no sugar added ones you buy at fine food importers), ruby garnet colouring and a complex palate made each taste an experience. Given the age of the bottle, I decanted and did my best to avoid transferring the inevitable sediment. The wine probably hit its absolute peak a year ago as I picked up a very minute amount of a ‘grassy’ after taste – but that did not take away from the pleasure.

I acquired this bottle of wine in 2002 when Kylie Minogue’s career was revived with the mega-hit “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.” This track is perfect for the sophisticated yet fun, infectious nature of the wine. Ironically, the songstress responsible for the song is from Australia, the country most responsible for slapping pancake make-up in the form of heavily toasted oak barrels on the faces of the studio prepared starlets you see in the Australian aisle of your liquor store.

Ms. Minogue shows that maturity, talent, patience and passionate crafting is the key to success. 1998 Domaine Rochevine’s has long since disappeared from your liquor store, but look for it on wine lists – or pick a more recent vintage and see if you can’t age it for a couple of years.

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

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