Georges DuBoeuf Beaujolais Villages 2009, Burgundy, France

Q) What does a grand old Beaujolais House and Madonna have in common?

A)The age-old challenge of always being “Nouveau.”

The first taste that jumped out at me when tasting the Georges DuBoeuf 2009 Beaujolais Villages was hard candy. The kind that has a red swirls of fruit in throughout breaking the light minty fresh white part. This wine has some mint on the nose and features sassy, sexy fruit that wraps around the tongue. You can count on this Beaujolais to seduce you with it’s confident simplicity rather than brash hubris. Madonna is, however, still sexy and alluring because she remains brash and supercharged with hubris. As much as Madonna seems to be an irrepressible egomaniac, you can count on her to keep being “Nouveau,” and you certainly cannot deny incredible longevity. Take the Video I have picked, Candy Shop, from her most recent LP Hard Candy as evidence.

Wine has the advantage over us mere mortals as it is reborn every year. What a luxury it would be for Madonna if she could roll back the clock every year, rejuvenating her body and holding on to wisdom learned. Something tells me that Lady Gaga would have hard time pushing records if Madonna could find the fountain of youth. Fortunately, wine does reinvent itself every year and 2009 was an excellent year to born in if you are French wine. So for those who are not inclined to drink Beaujolais Nouveau, this might be one vintage to make an exception for.

Perhaps after her candy shop finally falls out of vogue she can turn it into a wine cellar and market Nouveau Beaujolais, she seems to have mastered the technique of renewing “Nouveau”. Enjoy Candy Shop By Madonna.

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

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