Loron & Fils Chateau de Fleurie 2009 Beaujolais, Burgundy, France

If you are looking for a fine Beaujolais with floral notes and noticeable cherry and blackcurrant that manages to be more than just pretty wallflowers, check out the Loron & Fils Chateau de Fleurie 2009 Beaujolais.  I personally sense that Beaujolais winemakers have been producing slightly more muscular wines in the last few years as tastes have been influenced fruit forward preferences.  This Gamay Noir, is in fact quite dark, and offers succulent fruit flavourings.  As young as it is, it shows potential to mature nicely over the next couple of years, I would be curious to see how it develops over that period.  The label on the wine bottle is quite austere, and that reflects the no diva/drama queen attitude of this simple pleasure. 

Speaking of opera, by default I would associate many well known Bojos with Soprano voiced drama queens.  The need to be centre of action are shared by both the voice of a soprano and this character of this wine.  If a lady dies in the Opera, the Soprano is first in line. Luckily for the wine drinker, reaching the bottom of the bottle will be the only tragedy falling upon you.

Handel’s Julius Caesar (Giulio Cesare) is an opera that features a great co-leading role for Soprano: Cleopatra.  American Danielle de Niese is a Soprano who can easily handle the role of Cleopatra and balance female beauty and the unbridled determination of the Egyptian legend.  This performance really captures the wine in question as you watch the ravishing Cleopatra dance in victory in rather austere costume, much like the unassuming label found on the bottle – but what is inside is simply jubilant.  You can also search on Youtube for another Danielle de Niese interpretation of the the same character in a revealing bustier that would make Madonna blush.  But the one I have chosen is perfect for the Loron & Fils Chateau de Fleurie 2009.

I won’t tell you what fate has in store for Cleopatra , but I can assure you Ms. de Niese will draw you into Handel’s great opera with her marvellous performance that will perfectly complement this Chateau de Fleurie Beaujolais.

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

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