Sterling Vineyards Vintner’s Collection Chardonnay 2008, Central Coast, USA

Remember the TV show the Wonder Years?  I just tasted a Chardonnay that embodied the very themes that gave that classic TV show seasons of heart touching episodes.  From the Sterling Vintner’s Collection, the 2008 Chardonnay is wonderfully approachable, and complex enough to engage us.  The TV show constantly straddled the line between sweet and insipid – always staying on the right side.  Just like the, the producers used familiar music from that period to quickly set the emotional stage.  The wine itself is a style hybrid between new world and French traditional Chardonnays.  I tasted some Peach and Gala apple and the tastes developed in the mouth with the oak showing at the end.

One of the great songs I remember from that show was the Diana Ross and The Supremes number, “Someday We’ll Be Together.”  A running conflict of the show was an adolescent boy, Kevin Arnold,  who struggled with his relationship the girl next door, Winnie Cooper, as she ebbed from platonic buddy to object of lust and desire.  The song perfectly placed their relationship and his longing for her into context, and the sound of the song is the perfect soundtrack for this surprisingly complex Chardonnay that hides behind a sweet veneer.  Written at a cultural crossroads in 1970 as Diana Ross was leaving the Supremes. “Someday We’ll Be Together,” like the characteristics of the Sterling Chard is a poignant, mature, sweet and timeless tune.  Listening closely, I heard what sounded like a Phil Spector arrangement with strings and John Lennon like guitar strumming.  Turns out it wasn’t Phil Spector who produced it, but Harvey Fuqua.

I can picture myself dressed up like Kevin’s dad reading the wine list in the lounge of a nice restaurant (one that hasn’t changed decor since 1967) listening to Diana sing “Someday We’ll Be Together” and looking under California Whites for this wine.

Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

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