1998 Domaine Rochevine Saint Joseph Meets Hockey!

I am not a wine collector, I am a wine drinker.  I have, however, had one special bottle socked away since January 16th 2002.  That is the day that I proposed to my lovely wife.  Not that I am romantic or sentimental, keeping the bottle has more to do with humour than endearing sentiment.  It is a 1998 Domaine Rochevine Saint Joseph.

You see I had absolutely no intention of proposing to Stella until I came home with that bottle tucked into my laptop bag.  I was coming home from a wine tasting my company had organized at museum, we had hired a local guru named Nick Hamilton to present some wines and introduce our group of chosen clients to wine tasting.  The event was a hit.  When the room cleared we had some spare bottles and those of who remained, ended up grabbing an unopened bottle before heading off on our merry ways.

So I stumbled my way home, I guess Mr. Hamilton forgot to instruct us to spit out the wine after tasting it, only hoping to propose take-out food, not matrimony.  When I got home, my not-yet-wife had given up on waiting for me and had warmed some left-overs.  Perhaps flabbergasted that my tipsy plans for a quick take-out meal had been scuttled, I just popped the question.  Without any hesitation or reflection.  I must have looked drunker than I thought, because after 5 years of dating, three of them co-habitating without even a whisper of the M word, my proposal was met with a groaning, “A huh.”  Damn.  She was so certain that I was yanking her chain, that she took her bowl of noodles and went off to the living room to watch the hockey game. It was the Canadiens versus the Washington Capitals.  After a couple of minutes of stunned silence, I asked her if she was going to excited, and on cue she exclaimed, “Hey the Canadiens scored!”  I had two options, continue the gender role reversal and sulk off and paint my toe nails, or convince that I was serious.  Luckily for all, the latter prevailed, we have the house and the kids to prove it.

Flash forward to the here and now.  The underdog Canadiens are in the NHL playoffs facing those same Washington Capitals and we are still happily married. Back on that wintery night eight years ago, Montreal managed to beat the Caps.  Truth be known I am pulling the wine out to release some good luck for my beloved Canadiens, not so much for romantic purposes.

So let me know about your “Special” bottle of wine, or even if you can think of a romantic reason for me to tell my better half why I’m finally pulling the cork out of my “Special Bottle.”

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