Barefoot Pinot Grigio, Zinfandel and Shiraz Get Mixed Up With Music.

50 Million Elvis Listeners Can’t Be Wrong. Neither can millions of Barefoot wine drinkers. If you are reading a wine blog, chances are your tastes in wine are more sophisticated than the legions of loyal Barefooters who see to it that California’s Barefoot wines don’t collect dust on the shelves of the wine aisle. Barefoot makes wines that wine lovers can bring to a dinner party where the crowd aren’t as dedicated to the pursuit of grape nirvana.They are inexpensive, but come by that price point honestly since they are volume dealers. No less noble than a negociant in France who buys wine from various growers and sells the aggregated product as regional wine, Barefoot takes advantage of economies of scale and a low-overhead marketing team that gives the wine away to charity events in order to get the general public warmed up to their products.

Wearing their anti establishment badge proudly, they make wine for people who take wine as seriously as music fans take Michael Bublé. But Mikey is making money and dating a supermodel, so there you go.

Setting Barefoot to music:

Barefoot Pinot Grigio: Of the three wines I tasted, this one was my favourite. Light and flavoured with crisp fruit it carried a young energy. Justin Bieber’s bubble gum pop tune Eenie Meenie is crispy, light and young and actually has “Whine Whine Whine” in the Chorus.

Barefoot Zinfandel: Sweeter than I expected. It had the California fruit forward style, with an unmistakable sugary personality. The Archies Sing Sugar Sugar.

Barefoot Shiraz: Vanilla and Blackberry. In a clear attempt to clone the Australian top seller they have a wine that reminds me of an Eagles reunion tour; popular, successful, lucrative but never quite the same as the real-deal.

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