Domaine des Carabiniers Rosé 2008, Rhône, France

Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods? Are you getting ready to dust the winter off your bar-b-que and dare I mention set up the patio furniture? Maybe the food you are cooking reflects the warming of the temperature and you are not cooking as many heavy carb foods. Your local wine store has also taken notice of the change in seasons and might be stocking more rosés.


I used to be intimidated by the feminine nature of rosés. I am more likely to wear a lumberjack shirt than a pink shirt – and that fear translated itself my wine preferences. So guys, its time to man-up and enjoy some pink wine, and not worry about what people say about you!


An organic wine from France called the Domaine des Carabiniers Rosé, an AOC from Tavel in the Rhone Valley is my first taste of Rosé this year. And how refreshing it was. More strawberry in flavour than most rosés it also had elements of dryness that came from a fairly acidy finish. French rosés are not blends of white and red wines, with the glaring exception of Champagne. So when you see a French rosé you know that you are going to get a wine with greater tannic structure than rosés that come from “bi- racial” marriages.


Couer de Pirate is the stage name for a young French Canadian singer Beatrice Martin. Translate to English, Heart of a Pirate writes tender songs that are layered with piano, melancholy and innocent vocals. Béatrice herself, is a tattooed ex punker who is garnering success across the francophone world and has become a darling of English music fans in the know. Just like the Domaine Des Carabiniers rosé, you can expect beautiful notes, with firmly held up by a strong foundation.


So what are your plans to enjoy more rosé in 2010? Listen to some Couer de Pirate and make a list of occasions where you will enjoy rosé over the next few months. Make an effort to search out some great wines from the lesser known Tavel – the Rhone always offers great value – and this Domaine de Carabiniers Rosé might be a great starting point.


Leave a comment and me know what wine you would match with this music.

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