Bodega Privada Syrah

Syrah and Argentina aren’t a combination that you would easily dub overdone – odd because both are are touchstones of “New World” wine. Bodega Privada is a jack of all trade product line from the Sociedad RPB Anonima – simply Baggio to their friends. Baggio boasts the greatest export of wine in terms of volume from Argentina and packages a good percent of that output in environmentally more friendly Tetra Paks. This wine makes no apologies for being a commodity product and takes aim at pleasing the masses. I am halfway surprised they do not market a clone product labelled Shiraz, just in case some casual drinkers pledge unflinching allegiance to Shiraz but have sworn off Syrah as undrinkable!!!

I will match this with Taylor Swift singing the Fleetwood Mac classic Rhiannon in duet with Stevie Nicks at this years Grammy awards. Clearly Ms. Swift’s voice is young, a bit short on range and depth. But she is easy on the eyes and not completely talentless. I don’t usually watch Awards shows but when I heard the opening guitar part to Rhiannon, I stopped blogging and joined my wife on the couch. I had such low expectations of her performance I was actually drawn in by her youthful exuberance. Since I am a real music snob I can’t give her performance a five star rating, but she did put a smile on face and raise her stock significantly.

That having been said, this is where every wine snob has to swallow his pride. Tannic and and firm this effort carries some extra caramel sweetness. If you are going to make wine a bit sweet for mass appeal, you can do a lot worse than caramel tones that add some airs of decadence. This will never be a Sommelier’s darling, but it has potential to be a go-to choice when you have to entertain a crew that isn’t sees wine as a the middle course of their Bloody Mary – Wine- Rum and Coke drink menu.

About the author…. Music Snob YES. Wine Snob NO.

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The original Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.

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