Cecchi Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG Albaruta 2005, Umbria, Italy

Do you remember when David Letterman used to chant Uma mantra style, in honour of the beautiful and quirky, but equally cunning and cerebral Uma Thurman? Well the Umbria region of Italy offers a wine called Montefalco Sagrantino that is as sexy, peculiar and thought provoking as Ms. Thurman. Dave also had the same thing going on with Oprah. The silly joke seemed to rub the queen of daytime TV the wrong way. The lovely Uma didn’t publicly let on that it bothered her, just like the Sagrantino grape she grows in tiny bunches and has very thick skin. If you google Montefalco Sagrantino you will find out that it is one the most tannic grapes used in wine production anywhere, which is due at least in part to that very thick skin. The tiny commune of Montefalco, about 250 acres in all, produces a wines that often defy all accepted laws of food pairing. It’s producers, proponents and even some avant garde sommeliers recommend it with strong cheeses as well as the obvious red meats and game. Trust me, sommeliers are trained to never, ever, ever pair tannic wines with cheese. In colour, the wines are about as dark as you will ever see. Like a glass of Malbec at a midnight pik-nik you had best not drop your contact lens into this wine. I was lucky enough to snag a bottle of Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG Albaruta 2005 and enjoy swishing it with Riccardo Francesconi from Cecchi. Cecchi is known for its Tuscan Chiantis, but when he asked me what I would like to try, I challenged him with a request for something different. Riccardo delivered. With a devilish smile he pulled out the Sagrantino. The taste was complex and the colour was dead-on dark. What his particular wine had was a hint of savoury spice instead of the earthiness that is typical with this grape, which made me wish I could pair this great wine a roasted guinea fowl. I know that Riccardo would love for me to pair this with a great Italian Opera. In honour of Uma Thurman, I am going with the Kill Bill Soundtrack. From Rock -a- Billy to Zamfir to Industrial it manages to go all over the map, but somehow all works together. I don’t think any music fan would want to listen to that mix on a daily basis, but its great to know that you can take it of your collection when you are the right mood.


Let me know what wine you would match with this music.

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