Fontanafredda Nebbiolo Barolo DOCG 2005, Piedmont, Italy

Some winemakers are charming because of their quaint and small factors. I tend to gravitate more to those winemakers for just those reasons. I can, however, appreciate how large scale winemakers achieve their success – by producing a variety of great wines that appeal to a wide range of tastes and senses of value. Fontanfredda from the Piemonte region of Italy is an example of how a large winery goes about the business of making high volume wines in price brackets above some of their competitors and still offer great drinking value to wine enthusiasts.

The 100% Nebbiolo Barolo DOCG 2005 is a smooth and mature tasting wine. The perfect musical companion for this wine would be Robbie Robertson’s self titled album. Despite having sold millions of records with his outfit “The Band” and the success of this album both commercially and critically, his music almost rises above the incredible studio production qualities. All this coming 22 years after he left “The Band.” Songs like”Broken Arrow”and “Somewhere Down the Crazy River” capture the intimacy of the wine, and “Showdown at Big Sky” is reminiscent of the intense and robust grape from which it is made.

Fontanafredda also has a Moscata Bianco on their roster. The Moscata D’Asti Moncucco DOCG 2008 is a masculine take on the Muscat grape. The fruitiness of this wine doesn’t jump out at you, it tends to play masterfully in the background and frame the tastes of the terroir. Like Miles Davis’ often “Sketches of Spain” this wine seduces you via means of playing hard to get.

As different as the two artists are, these wines share something that both these musical pieces create and that is a rich landscape portrait with vivid colours and distinct characters.

Let me know what wine you would match with this music.

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