Biondi Santi Spa Brunello Di Monalcino DOCG Villa Poggio Salvi 2004, Toscana, Italy

Montalcino is a great of example of what the entire region of Tuscany is capable of producing. Within the commune of Montalcino you have a myriad of growing conditions concentrated in a relatively small area. That results in a region that produce a wide range of variations of an established theme. Montalcino is also blessed to be large enough to produce a bountiful output that ensures great bang for the buck since the price of wine like pretty much everything else is based on supply and demand.
Biondi Santi Spa recently offered me two versions of of Brunello Di Monalcino DOCG. One is the Villa Poggio Salvi 2004 and the other being Biondi Santi Tenutaa Greppo 2004. The Villa Poggio is the fruitier of the two, and probably ranks high on the Sangiovese fruit scale. The Tenuto Greppo 2004 comes across as being dryer, even raspy in comparison. Both wines hold an elegance, with the Villa Poggio showing the same character from first sip to last drop – the Tenuto Greppo, however, opened up more as the bottle emptied, and would be a great candidate for your decanter. Spotting the differences in the two wines is like listening to Eric Clapton’s Derek and the Dominos original recording of Layla and his MTV Unplugged toe tapper. The Villa Poggio being the new Layla it is agreeable and catchy from the start. Whereas, the original has many layers of character, all worth peeling back just like the Tenuta Greppo. Everybody will have a debate about which version of the song or wine they prefer, but hats off to any musician or winemaker that can produce high enough quality to garner debate.

Let me know what wine you would match with this music.

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